Jun 132011

Here are a couple more recent great reviews of Robert McCammon’s new novel, The Five:

  • The October Country: Review: ‘The Five’ by Robert McCammon

    The Five is the assured, confident work of a man who has climbed back to the top of his game. It’s tight and suspenseful, and yet manages to take long sidetrips into the histories of the characters that don’t detract from the action, but instead enhance it. This is the kind of book you get lost in; the type of story that you’ll find yourself reflecting on long after you finished it, wondering what those characters are up to now. Do yourself a favor and pick it up today.

  • cctheprofessor: The Five – “Everything is quiet but the song that keeps me sane”

    This current novel, The Five, is not only about a band; it’s about music. That swelling ache you get in the marrow of your bones when you hear your favorite guitar maestro let his fingers fly over the frets and strings. The pounding your heart begins to do when you hear that bass line beat it’s way through the speakers or the drum beat begins to thump. This novel is brilliantly alive with that love and passion for music.


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  1. I want to thank you for linking my review of The Five to your site. What an honor! As I write reviews mainly for the fun of it, I would appreciate any and all criticisms to enhance my reviews in the future. Thanks again.
    Dustin “the professor” Manning

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