Jun 162011

From Subterranean Press:

The Five

Last week Robert McCammon was in our office to sign 1600 copies or so of his new novel, The Five, which has drawn even more praise from Stephen King. You may recall that he referred to it as McCammon’s “best novel ever”. In a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, Mr. King added The Five to his list of summer reads, and had this to say: “It’s scary; it’s also a soaring anthem to the redemptive power of rock & roll.” We couldn’t agree more, and thank Mr. King once again for supporting the book.

All copies of the trade hardcover of The Five have shipped to customers, so if you preordered one, you shouldn’t have much longer to wait. We had Rick sign extra copies, so while our large online retail and wholesale accounts are being sent second printings, we still have a small number of signed firsts on hand to fill direct orders.

While Rick was here, we had him sign 75 or so first edition copies of his most recent historical thriller, Mister Slaughter. It’s a great introduction to the Matthew Corbett series, and stands alone well.

Finally, Tomislav Tikulin has turned in both dust jackets for our new edition of the classic McCammon novel, Baal, which is in the final round of proofreading. We’re right on schedule for our fall publication.

Finally (this time, really), if you want to see a few photos from Rick’s trip to the SubPress offices to sign books, check out Robert McCammon’s website.

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