Jul 102012

The Hunter from the Woods

From Subterranean Press:

As part of our ongoing celebration of Robert McCammon’s new novel, The Providence Rider (SubPress|Amazon|Bn.com), we’ve dropped the price (to $2.99) of his linked collection of lycanthropic tales, The Hunter from the Woods (Amazon|BN.com|Kobo). Astute readers will recognize that the central figure in Hunter, Michael Gallatin, is also the protagonist from McCammon’s WWII adventure, The Wolf’s Hour.


  2 Responses to “Subterranean Press: The Hunter from the Woods ebook for only $2.99!”

  1. When will the hunter from the woods be released as an ebook in the UK ?

    • Hi, Noel.

      That’s a good question. Subterranean Press only has North American ebook rights to the McCammon books they’ve been putting out. As of today, no UK publisher has picked up the rights, but we’re always hopeful…. I wish I had better news for you.


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