Jun 052013

I recently unearthed a 1981 promotional poster for They Thirst that I didn’t even know existed until I found someone selling it. The poster was produced by Avon Books, who published They Thirst as a paperback original in 1981. The front of the poster shows the cover art used for the paperback, while the back includes marketing material, including a synopsis of the book. Photos of the poster have been added to the Book Cover Gallery. (My apologies for the quality of the photos; the folded poster made it difficult to get a good photo without too much reflected glare from either natural lighting or the camera’s flash.) Until I saw this poster, I had no idea how extensively Avon marketed They Thirst.


AVON brings Robert R. McCammon’s bloodchilling new novel to millions of radio listeners with a campaign of 60-second commercials on the ABC National Radio Network—airing in 203 markets nationwide!

And AVON reaches millions of late-night radio listeners with 60-second commercials on The Larry King Show, airing on 210 stations across the country!

LOS ANGELES ADVERTISING: 50 outdoor billboards, measuring 10 feet by 22 feet each, will inundate the Los Angeles area for one month!

There were also a 36-copy floor display and a 12-copy counter display available to booksellers.

Can you imagine seeing 50 billboards advertising They Thirst? I would so love to see a photo of one of those and to hear the radio commercials!

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  2 Responses to “A Blast from the Past: Marketing They Thirst in 1981”

  1. They Thirst was the first of your books I read…..and I was hooked for life. I actually still have my copy that I bought back in 1981 or 82 (found some hearty crystal clear tape to keep the cover together!) and have re-read it 4 or 5 times since. It is one of my favorite vampire stories. To say I enjoy your work is an utter understatement and I’m always anxiously awaiting my next adventure vicarously through your books. Thank you for your wonderful stories!

  2. Loved that book. Wish it was still in print. Mine went away a long time ago.

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