Oct 122014

From Subterranean Press:

Kirkus Picks THEY THIRST as One of Twelve Excellent Horror Reads for October


The advance copies of Robert McCammon’s vampire epic, They Thirst, which clocks in at over 600 pages, have landed here at SubPress. I must say they look mighty fine! If wide-screen storytelling, with a lot of characters and action are your thing, please get your order in. Not including several orders which are due any day, we have orders for more than 1200 copies, and the print run is limited to 1000. We’ll fill all direct orders, of course, but some of our larger accounts aren’t going to receive as many copies as they might like.

Kirkus Reviews just included They Thirst in its 12 Excellent Horror Reads for October:

What’s Halloween without vampires? In this deluxe version of the McCammon’s classic vampire story, readers unfamiliar with this 30-year-old story can discover that it still remains chilling. In the small Hungarian hamlet of Krajeck, a boy named Andre awaits the return of his father from a dangerous mission. However, the being that returns is no longer his father, and Andre and his mother barely escape with their lives. Decades later, Andre—now living in Los Angeles and going by the name Andy—is working as a homicide detective who deals with death on a day-to-day basis. But even that can’t prepare him when the horrors he encountered as a young boy return, arriving in LA to terrorize him yet again.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $80


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