Dark Screams: Volume 7 ebook will include a McCammon story

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Apr 232017

Brian James Freeman posted this announcement on his site a few days ago:


Richard Chizmar and I have once again joined forces with the cutting edge team at Hydra, a division of Random House, to produce five more volumes in our acclaimed Dark Screams horror eBook anthology series! Each volume collects stories by the best authors working in the business today, and we’re pleased to announce that Dark Screams: Volume Seven will be published on July 25, 2017!About the Book:
Robert McCammon, Brian Hodge, James Renner, Kaaron Warren, Bill Schweigart, and Mick Garris reveal sinister secrets and unsavory pasts in a haunting anthology of short stories collected by acclaimed horror editors Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar.WEST OF MATAMOROS, NORTH OF HELL by Brian Hodge
After the success of their latest album, Sebastián, Sofia, and Enrique head to Mexico for a shoot under the statue of Santa Muerte. But they have fans south of the border who’d kill to know where they get their inspiration.

LIZARDMAN by Robert McCammon
The lizardman thinks he knows about all the mysterious dangers of the Florida swamps, but there are things lurking in the bayou that are older and deadlier than his wildest dreams.

Although every child dreams of visiting Hundred-Acre Wood, only one has ever actually frolicked that fabled forest—and survived.

FURTHEREST by Kaaron Warren
She’s been going to the beach since she was a child, daring the other kids to go out past the dunes where those boys died all those years ago. Now she realizes that the farther out you go, the harder it is to come back.

THE EXPEDITION by Bill Schweigart
On a quest to bring glory to the Führer, Lieutenant Dietrich Drexler leads his team into the ruins of the Carpathian Mountains. But the wolf that’s stalking them is no ordinary predator.

SNOW SHADOWS by Mick Garris
A schoolteacher’s impulsive tryst with a colleague becomes a haunting lesson in tragedy and terror when he’s targeted for revenge by an unlikely, unhinged rival.

Purchase the eBook:
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Dark Screams: Volume Two audiobook released

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Oct 152015

Tantor Audio has released an audiobook edition of the collection Dark Screams: Volume 2, edited by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar. Dark Screams: Volume 2 was originally released as an ebook containing stories by Robert McCammon, Shawntelle, Madison, Graham Masterton, Norman Prentiss, and Richard Christian Matheson. The McCammon story is “The Deep End,” which won the 1987 Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Story.

The audiobook is narrated by Joe Barrett. Full details and a sample can be heard on the Tantor website. The MP3-CD is only $10 on the Tantor site.

Purchase the audiobook from Tantor Audio

Purchase the MP3 CD from Amazon

Purchase the audiobook from Audible



Better Weird: A Tribute to David B. Silva

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Mar 242015

Better WeirdFrom editor Paul F. Olson:

Coming in April as an e-book from Cemetery Dance Publications!

Better weird than plastic …

For a generation of horror fans, those four words signaled a momentous occasion: the arrival of a new issue of David B. Silva’s seminal publication, THE HORROR SHOW. For nine years in the 1980s, Dave and his magazine published some of the biggest names in the genre and introduced the world to countless others, nurturing dozens of careers along the road from first publication to major success. A man of limitless talent, Dave also earned a reputation as one of the field’s finest writers, producing a handful of brilliant novels and a vast collection of award-winning stories.

Following Dave’s untimely death in 2013, authors from around the world of horror came forward to honor his memory. Those who grew up reading his immortal magazine, those who learned from his kind and careful tutelage, those who admired the editor, the writer, the man – they are all here, gathered in the pages of this special anthology. Kealan Patrick Burke, Brian Hodge, Joe R. Lansdale, Robert R. McCammon, Bentley Little, Elizabeth Massie, Brian Keene, J.F. Gonzalez, Steve Rasnic Tem, Billie Sue Mosiman, Kathryn Ptacek, Thomas F. Monteleone, Gary Raisor, Yvonne Navarro, Robert Swartwood, G. Wayne Miller, and Paul F. Olson. With brand new tales of terror, lovingly-chosen classics, and heartfelt tributes, these writers have come to raise a chill, bring a tear, and remind you of the truth in Dave’s immortal words: It’s always BETTER WEIRD …

The Robert McCammon story is a reprint of “Yellachile’s Cage,” which is also found in Blue World.

A print edition of the anthology is planned for later this year.

Diabolique magazine has published a great interview with editor Paul F. Olson.


“The Deep End” wins Fantlab.ru award

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Mar 112015

Robert McCammon‘s 1987 short story “The Deep End” won the 2014 Fantlab.ru—the leading Russian fantastic fiction website—award for “Best Online Publication (Short Form).” The story was reprinted by Darker Magazine. The story, which was also just reprinted in the ebook DARK SCREAMS: VOLUME 2, previously won the 1987 Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Story.



Ebook reprint of “The Deep End”

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Jan 082015

Robert McCammon’s 1987 Bram Stoker Award-winning short story “The Deep End” will be one of five stories included in the Random House ebook Dark Screams: Volume 2. The ebook is edited by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar and will be released on March 3, 2015. The ebook will feature short stories by Robert McCammon, Norman Prentiss, Shawntelle Madison, Graham Masterton, and Richard Christian Matheson. More information about the release, including titles and ordering links, can be found on the Random House website.

The ebook can be pre-ordered from these retailers:

The Dark Screams ebooks are published by Hydra, an ebook-only imprint of Random House, so no physical book is planned.

An audiobook edition of Dark Screams: Volume 1 was released, so it’s possible there will be an audiobook of Volume 2. Stay tuned….


“Pin” reprint in Best New Horror 25th anniversary edition

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Sep 132014

A 25th anniversary reprint of the 1990 anthology Best New Horror #1, edited by Stephen Jones and Ramsay Campbell, has been published by Drugstore Indian Press, an imprint of PS Publishing in the UK. This book includes Robert McCammon’s short story “Pin,” which was first published in Blue World. It can be ordered directly from PS Publishing via their website. The full cover image for the trade paperback, including flaps, is shown below.


“Strange Candy” to be included in Cemetery Dance anthology October Dreams II

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Aug 082014

Robert McCammon’s Halloween short story “Strange Candy” will be included in the upcoming anthology October Dreams II. Other authors whose work will appear in the anthology include Ray Bradbury, Dean Koontz, Robert Bloch, Stewart O’Nan, Glen Hirshberg, Joe R. Lansdale, Al Sarrantonio, Whitley Strieber, Lisa Morton, Matthew Costello, Elizabeth Massie, and more.

October Dreams II will be released in lettered, limited, and trade hardcover formats. Visit the Cemetery Dance website to read the announcement about the release and to pre-order October Dreams II.

“Strange Candy” was originally published as a free download here on RobertMcCammon.com. You can read the story online or download EPUB (NOOK) or MOBI (Kindle) files.

October Dreams II


Amazon ebook covers posted

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May 202014

As we mentioned a while back, Amazon StoryFront is releasing three of Robert McCammon’s short stories as ebooks on June 4, 2014. The covers for all three books have been posted on Amazon.com. You can use the links below to pre-order the ebooks. Clicking on the images below will show larger versions of each.


Kindle short story reprints, Czech Swan Song, an ad, and links

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Apr 262014

Amazon Publishing imprint StoryFront will publish Kindle editions of three of Robert McCammon’s short stories on June 4, 2014. The stories are:

Czech publisher Classic published a translation of Swan Song a few months ago. The cover for the trade paperback edition of Masky Apokalypsy has been added to the Book Cover Gallery and can be seen to the right. For more details, see the Book Bibliography.

Here are some recent links of interest:

Subterranean Press ran the ad below for The River of Souls via Publishers Weekly last week. The River of Souls is the fifth book in the Matthew Corbett series. The official publication date is May 31, 2014, and the book will be available in all editions: a signed, limited edition; a trade paperback edition; an Audible audiobook; and ebook editions.

Pre-order from Subterranean PressAmazon US,B&NAmazon UKAmazon CA
Audiobook: Audible | Amazon US 

Publishers Weekly email ad


Smile: A fan film based on a Robert McCammon story

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Apr 012014


ArkLight Pictures has released Smile, a short film based on the Robert McCammon short story “On a Beautiful Summer’s Day, He Was.” The story was originally featured in the anthology The Further Adventures of the Joker; it explores the childhood of the notorious enemy of Batman.

ArkLight Pictures was started by college students Aaron Keteyian and Ryan Stratton. Smile was produced by Keteyian, while Stratton wrote the screenplay, composed the music, and directed the film, among other jobs.

You can watch Smile in HD on Vimeo, or you can watch it in the embedded player below.

“Smile” (2013) from ArkLight Pictures on Vimeo.

For more information about Smile, you can visit the following sites:

Thanks to Ryan and Kevin for the film, and congratulations on a job well-done!