Jul 312011
  • On Friday, July 29, 2011, Robert McCammon tweeted the following from his Twitter account:

    Robert McCammon

    MacCammon Robert McCammon

    THE PROVIDENCE RIDER (Corbett 4) is done and off to my agent. It was an epic all-nighter, fueled by Kona coffee and cigar breaks on my balcony. The sun came up and the birds sang. The doc file was sent through the electric god. I rest ’til Monday, seeing HP tonight.

  • The Five is now available in ebook format for the Kindle and the NOOK! Other formats will be coming soon.
  • A new Chinese edition of Boy’s Life has been published by Yilin Press in China.  The cover can be seen below; it has been added to the Book Cover Gallery.


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  1. So far, The Five is only available as an ebook at iTunes and amazon for US customers. Any idea if/when it’ll be made available to Canadian fans? I’m dying to read it!!

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