Aug 222012

Character actor William Windom died recently. He was a veteran of dozens of TV shows and movies, as shown on his IMDb page and in this Washington Post article:

Comedic actor William Windom dead at 88 of congestive heart failure


Mr. Windom read several of Robert McCammon’s short stories in the 1989 audio Nightcrawlers: Stories from Blue World, released on audiocassette by Simon & Schuster and, unfortunately, long out-of-print. The stories included in that collection and read by Mr. Windom were “Night Calls the Green Falcon,” “Nightcrawlers,” and “Yellowjacket Summer.” He did a fantastic job with the readings; it’s well worth picking up if you find a copy.


  2 Responses to “RIP William Windom, narrator of Nightcrawlers: Stories from Blue World

  1. I loved that audiobook when I first heard it, and it remains one of my top favorites, both on the strength of the stories and on Windom’s voice rendering of them. I especially loved his readings of “Yellowjacket Summer” (such a perfect accent) and “Green Falcon” (he captured the voice of the narrator to perfection).

    Windom also played one of my favorite minor characters in the original ‘Star Trek’ series – Commodore Decker, the obsessed ship commander in “The Doomsday Machine.” Watching him go from confident leader to borderline insane is a remarkable performance.

    So sorry to hear of his passing. He was a real talent.

    • I agree completely with everything you said, Rich. I get major goosebumps every time I listen to his reading of “Night Calls the Green Falcon.” Simply perfect.

      And his cameo in [i]Planes, Trains & Automobiles[/i] is, I believe, the funniest no-lines cameo I’ve ever seen.


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