Aug 132012

The Boy’s Life ebook is currently on sale: $3.79 for Kindle, $3.99 for NOOK.

Here are a couple of recent links:

Finally, photos of the various Subterranean Press limited and lettered editions for Baal, The Providence Rider, The Five, and The Hunter from the Woods have been added to the Book Cover Gallery.


  One Response to “Boy’s Life ebook on sale, new links, and limited and lettered edition photos”

  1. I loved this book! I read it back in May of 92. It was the best way to escape from being in a rotten, very unhealthy relationship. I never laughed so much, yet cried as well. It was very touching. I don’t read many books, but when I do find a good book, I will stay up all night reading as much as I can. I hope you write more books about kids growing up, in that decade. Life was simple and grand back then. I guess some of the best parts of that book was when they were sitting in church, and the hornets came out. I liked how you described that girl who brought a dead cat to school. I loved the humor. I often checked to see if there had been a movie made from this book. I never did find a movie. I did see something but it was not about the book you wrote, I don’t guess? I wish you would write more books like this. I have some ideas about a book to write. It’s about some real situations, yet, I might add some fiction to it as well, just to embellish it.

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