Vintage Avon ad promoting the release of Bethany’s Sin

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Aug 052020

Robert McCammon’s Bethany’s Sin is 40 years old! It was published in January 1980. Back then, Avon, the publisher, advertised books on a network of radio stations. Here’s an ad promoting the upcoming release of Bethany’s Sin that appeared in the October 15, 1979, issue of Publishers Weekly!


Midnight in the Graveyard audiobook releasing July 28, 2020

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Jul 222020

Audiobook publisher Spoken Realms is releasing an audiobook version of Silver Shamrock Publishing‘s Midnight in the Graveyard. The 2019 anthology included a reprint of Robert McCammon’s short story “Haunted World,” along with twenty-four other stories by other authors. This is the first audio adaptation of “Haunted World.”

The audiobook is distributed by Audible and can be pre-ordered from Audible and Amazon US.

The trade paperback edition of Midnight in the Graveyard can be purchased from Amazon, as well. It’s also available for Kindle.


Silver Scream is back in print!

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Jul 182020

The anthology Silver Scream is back in print for the first time in 32 years! Originally published by Dark Harvest in 1988, Silver Scream ranks as one of the, if not the, best horror anthologies every published. Robert McCammon’s “Night Calls the Green Falcon” was first published in Silver Scream.

Cimarron Street Books is please to bring SILVER SCREAM back into print for the first time in over 30 years!

Please take your seat for the midnight show …

They’re all here from the heyday of splatterpunk, in the first and best anthology of cinema horror—the ultimate haunted theatre of the imagination, showcasing grindhouses, 3-for-1 fleapits, porn castles, werewolf-circuit drive-ins, snuff movies, peep shows, fly-by-night video rental shacks, has-been actors, never-was ingenues, Tinseltown burnouts, film cults, immortal stars, film school dorks, media mutants, and even that bastard little brother, television …

Here’s what Cimarron Street Books publisher John Scoleri posted to Facebook about the book:

I first encountered SILVER SCREAM (in hardcover and paperback) while I was working for B. Dalton in 1988. It was my introduction to the work of David J. Schow, who as editor didn’t actually have any fiction in the book—but he wrote the most compelling afterword to an anthology that I had ever read. I was an instant fan.

The list of contributing authors included many or biggest names in the horror field at the time: Clive Barker, Robert Bloch, Edward Bryant, Ramsey CampbellRay Garton, Joe R. Lansdale, RC Matheson, Robert McCammon, John Skipp, Craig Spector, Karl Edward Wagner, Chet WilliamsonF Paul Wilson… along with great stories by several writers I was discovering for the first time: Mark Arnold, Steven Boyett, John M. Ford, Mick GarrisJay Sheckley, and Douglas E. Winter.

It has been a dream come true to help bring this book back into print after more than 30 years. It wouldn’t have happened without the perseverance of David J. Schow and the support of each and every one of the contributing writers. Whether you remember it from back in the day, or missed out on it the first time around, I can assure you SILVER SCREAM still holds up, and is deserving of its billing as the “greatest original anthology of the 1980s.”

The trade paperback book can be ordered from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon CA.



Remarques by artist Les Edwards

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Jul 162020

Thanks to Steve Sargent, here are photos of a number of remarques by artist Les Edwards, who provided the art for the Subterranean Press limited editions of The Night Boat, Stinger, and They Thirst. A remarque is an original illustration in a book. Click on an image to see a large version.


Speaks the Nightbird MP3 CDs coming to Australia

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Jun 222020

On August 1, 2020, Australian audio publisher Bolinda Publishing will release Robert McCammon’s Speaks the Nightbird, complete and unabridged, as a 3-disc MP3 CD set. The recording is the Audible production narrated by Edoardo Ballerini. Bolinda previously released the audio production of Freedom of the Mask in 2016 on both audio CD and MP3 CD.

The set can be ordered from Amazon AU. It’s also available from Book Depository in the UK, which offers free worldwide shipping.


Coming in early July: a Bulgarian translation of The Listener

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Jun 182020

Bulgarian publisher Ciela has announced the release of their translation of Robert McCammon’s The Listener! The book will begin shipping in early July 2020. It can be pre-ordered on the Ciela website. You can read publisher Blagoy Ivanov’s post about the release on Facebook.

Pre-order the Bulgarian edition of The Listener from Ciela

This is the sixth McCammon novel published in Bulgaria. See the covers for the previous five books in the Book Cover Gallery.


Here’s a new, free short story from Robert McCammon!

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Jun 152020

Here’s a quarantine treat from Robert McCammon!

“Blood Is Thicker than Hollywood” is a new short story that takes place in the world of Robert McCammon’s 1981 vampire epic, They Thirst!

You can read “Blood Is Thicker than Hollywood” for free here, or you can download the story in the following formats: