Humble Bundle Forbidden Books

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Sep 252018

The ebook edition of Robert McCammon’s Boy’s Life is one of twenty-two books included in the Humble Book Bundle: Forbidden Books this year. Pay what you want, and help support charity. The more you pay, the more books you get. To get Boy’s Life (along with 14 other books), you must pay $8 or more. Bundled books are DRM-free, and the charities supported this year are National Coalition Against Censorship and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


Unboxing The Listener

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Sep 252018

YouTube user jeffingoff posted “unboxing” videos for the SST limited edition of The Listener and the Cemetery Dance lettered edition of The Listener. You can get a good look at both editions in his videos.

He had also previously posted an “unboxing” video of Subterranean Press’s limited edition of Swan Song.


Mister Slaughter reprint coming soon from Subterranean Press

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Sep 242018

Subterranean Press posted this announcement this morning:

We (and the author) have noticed that one of the earlier Matthew Corbett novels has been bringing in high prices on the secondary market, making it inaccessible to general readers, so have decided to reprint the trade hardcover of Mister Slaughter. This reprint will not be huge, so if you’d like a copy, please get your order in.

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $40

The book will also be available through Cemetery Dance:

Mister Slaughter reprint at Cemetery Dance


Update from CD about the limited editions of The Listener

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Aug 242018

Brian Freeman of Cemetery Dance sent me the following a few minutes ago:

Today we received the “final approval case” for THE LISTENER Limited Edition, which means both the Limited Edition and the Lettered Edition of this title will be done and shipping in September.

Their case maker dropped the ball on this project and others.


New international rights acquired

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Aug 182018

A couple of international rights deals were recently made:

Boy’s Life has been previously published a few times in France.

This will be the first Bulgarian edition of Swan Song. Iztok-Zapad previously published Boy’s Life in 2013.

I would expect that it’ll be at least a year before either edition is published.



More news

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Aug 162018

Some news since yesterday:

– The limited edition of Cardinal Black is now sold out! There are a handful of lettered editions remaining. As of this moment, there are still copies available at Subterranean Press.

– There are fewer than 25 copies of the limited edition of Usher’s Passing still available!

– Audible will be producing an audiobook edition of Cardinal Black!

– Finally, Swan Song is included in this NPR list of “100 Favorite Horror Stories”!


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