Robert McCammon reads a new story: “DST, INC.”

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Nov 262019

Saturday, November 23, 2019, Robert McCammon participated in a Noir at the Bar event with a dozen other authors at The Wild Roast Café in Hoover, AL. Each author had a few minutes to read a short story or an excerpt from one of their works. McCammon chose to write a new story for the event called “DST, INC.”

David Walters of Authors on a Podcast Talking Books recorded audio of the event, including the full reading of “DST, INC.” He posted the podcast on Anchor.fm. It can also be heard on Spotify.

I extracted Robert McCammon’s reading and adjusted the audio some to make it easier to hear. You can listen to Robert McCammon reading “DST, INC.” below.

If you’d rather read “DST, INC.” you can find it here.

You can also download the story in these formats: AZW3 (Kindle)MOBIEPUB (NOOK)PDF

Here are a couple of photos from the event, courtesy of Andy Davidson via Twitter.


Robert McCammon will be the Author Guest of Honor at LepreCon 46

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Nov 122019

Robert McCammon will be the Author Guest of Honor at LepreCon 46, to be held in Chandler, AZ, the weekend of April 10–12, 2020! The other guests that weekend are Local Artist GoH David Ayres, Filk GoHs Margaret & Kristoph, and Science GoH Dr. David A. Williams.

For all the details currently available and to register for LepreCon 46, please visit leprecon.org.


New Robert McCammon interview in the November 2019 issue of Locus

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Nov 012019

The November 2019 issue of Locus Magazine features one of the most in-depth interviews with Robert McCammon that has ever been published. For the first time, he talks about his career and why he’s no longer published by Pocket Books (or any other New York publisher). He also talks about how he got his start, what he’s currently working on, and future plans. Check it out!

The November 2019 issue of Locus can be purchased on their website. You can see the full Table of Contents on their site. If you don’t have a subscription, you can order a print issue, a digital version, or both.

You can read an excerpt from the interview on the Locus website.


Seasons of Terror trade release in March 2021

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Oct 302019

May 22, 2020, update: According to Amazon, the publication date for this book is now March 23, 2021.

Back in September, we told you about Cemetery Dance’s announcement to publish Seasons of Terror, a graphic collection of four stories by Bradbury, King, Jackson, and McCammon, all adapted by Richard Chizmar. You can read about that here. The Robert McCammon story in this collection is “The Man from London,” originally published in The Hunter from the Woods.

Simon & Schuster will publish a trade hardcover edition (and fixed layout ebook) of this publication under their Gallery Books imprint on March 31, 2020 March 23, 2021. Their edition is now available for pre-ordering from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

From the S&S webpage:

Spine-tingling stories that can be enjoyed all year round—this deliciously creepy and gorgeously wrought graphic anthology introduces a new generation to four literary giants—Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, and Robert McCammon.

In the spring, a young girl hears a woman crying for help from beneath the dirt in her backyard, but no one seems to believe her…During summertime, a college student inexplicably walks deeper and deeper into the thick forest, until he happens upon a stone cottage whose inhabitants lead a very particular way of life…Before the fall chill arrives, a group of friends embark on an adventurous weekend to a remote lake where a sinister force awaits…In the dark depths of winter, behind frigid enemy lines, Great Britain’s most potent weapon against Nazi Germany lives between worlds: good and evil, and man and wolf….

With evocative prose and vivid illustrations, these unforgettable stories—“The Screaming Woman” by Ray Bradbury; “The Man in the Woods” by Shirley Jackson; “The Raft” by Stephen King; and “The Man from London” by Robert McCammon—embody the seasons in which they are set, bringing you to the very edge of reality, mixing the best elements of the mythology of our youth with the perilous horrors of adulthood.


A Halloween treat from Robert McCammon: “Night Ride”

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Oct 232019

From Robert McCammon:

Hello! Here’s a Halloween present for the fans of Matthew Corbett. I hope you enjoy it, and happy Halloween to all!

“Night Ride” is a new Matthew Corbett Halloween story set just after the events of The Queen of Bedlam. It’s a standalone story, so you don’t need to have read the series to enjoy the story.

You can read “Night Ride” for free here, or you can download the story in the following formats:


And in case you missed it, there’s also “The Pale Pipesmoker,” released in March 2019.


Jigsaw: Paul West’s fan film based on “Blue World”

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Oct 212019

Jigsaw is a short fan film based on Robert McCammon’s short story ‘Blue World’. Jigsaw is about a priest who struggles to complete a jigsaw puzzle amidst his obsession with a beautiful porn star and a controlling monsignor. Jigsaw was nominated for Best Drama short at the Action On Film Megafest 2019 in Las Vegas. The film was written by Paul West and stars Paul, Catie Taaffe, and Harry Chambarry.

The film has been posted to YouTube, as has the trailer. Fair warning: the film includes brief nudity.

Thanks, Paul!


New fan art from Rob Malone

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Oct 182019

Artist Rob Malone posted some sketches inspired by MINE on his Instagram account back in May. I asked him to send me the final pieces, and he sent them earlier this week.

You can see higher-resolution versions and read more about them here.

If you’ve created art inspired by Robert McCammon’s work and would like to have it displayed here, you can contact me via email.


Robert McCammon interview in Alabama Living magazine

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Oct 012019

Robert McCammon is the featured author in the October 2019 issue of Alabama Living magazine, which is the official statewide publication of the electric cooperatives in Alabama and the largest magazine of its type in the state, reaching some 400,000 electric cooperative consumers.

The article is titled “Alabama’s Own ‘Great American Read'” and can be read on their website. You can read the entire digital issue online at Issuu.com. The McCammon article is on page 24.


Subterranean Press ebook sale through October 2019

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Oct 012019

Subterranean Press has priced all of their Robert McCammon ebooks at only $2.99 through the month of October! This price is only good in the U.S. and possibly Canada.

First, here’s a link from which you can order all Robert McCammon ebooks:


The titles below are all included in this sale. Of special note, the $2.99 price includes the three two-ebook bundles Matthew Corbett Adventures #1 (includes Mister Slaughter and The Providence Rider), Horror Classics (Baal and Bethany’s Sin), and Vampire Tales (They Thirst and I Travel by Night). Those last two are not currently showing up on Amazon, but do appear on B&N and Kobo.

Bethany’s Sin
The Night Boat
They Thirst
Mister Slaughter
The Providence Rider
The River of Souls
Freedom of the Mask
The Hunter from the Woods
The Border
I Travel by Night
Last Train from Perdition

The $2.99 prices are valid at Amazon, B&N, and Kobo through the end of October.