Subterranean Press: Announcing the Signed, Limited Edition of Robert McCammon’s The Queen of Bedlam

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Apr 062014

Subterranean Press has posted this announcement on their website:

Announcing the Signed, Limited Edition of Robert McCammon’s The Queen of Bedlam

Important Note: There is no exclusive order period for The Queen of Bedlam, which has a smaller print run than The Providence Rider and The River of Souls, but a larger one than Mister Slaughter. Catch all that? If you’re looking to match a number with Queen, please request it in the comments when you place your order. We expect this title to sell out quickly, so please don’t delay in ordering. There is no trade edition, and the limited will not be made available to our wholesale and large online retail accounts.

Matthew Corbett first appeared in 2002’s Speaks the Nightbird, the novel which signaled Robert McCammon’s return to fiction after a decade long absence. Five years later, in another significant event, Matthew reappeared in The Queen of Bedlam, a book that firmly established him as the central figure in the best historical adventure series going.

The Queen of Bedlam opens in 1702, some three years after the harrowing experiences of Speaks the Nightbird. Matthew is now living in the nascent metropolis of New York City and has found unsatisfying employment as a poorly paid clerk to a local magistrate. At this juncture, two related events take place that will radically alter Matthew’s future. One is the advent of a murderous predator—popularly known as the Masker—who terrorizes the city. The other is Matthew’s recruitment by the Herrald Agency, an early prototype of the classic private detective agency. Under the auspices of his new employer, Matthew, together with his mentor, Hudson Greathouse, travels to a mental hospital in rural New Jersey, where he meets an unidentified woman known simply as the Queen of Bedlam, a woman who may hold the key to the Masker’s identity.

The Queen of Bedlam is a crime story, of course, and a genuinely enthralling one. More than that, it is a portrait of colonial New York so vibrant and richly detailed that it is almost palpable. The sights, smells, and sounds—the sheer physical reality of that time and place—are drawn with the sure hand of a master storyteller. Supplementing all this is a varied cast of supporting characters who are by turns comic, bizarre, intriguing, endearing, and, in some instances, terrifying. At the center of it all is Matthew Corbett, a gifted young man beginning to discover who—and what—he is meant to become. He is a hero suited to his times, and a fictional creation destined to endure for a very long time to come.

Limited: 374 signed numbered copies, housed in a custom slipcase: $125
Lettered: 26 signed, deluxe bound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $500

Note: There is no SubPress trade edition of The Queen of Bedlam.

You can pre-order the book from Subterranean Press here.


Subterranean: The River of Souls Signed Trade Editions Sold Out

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Feb 032014

From Subterranean Press:

Just a quick note to let you know that the signed trade copies of The River of Souls are now sold out. We still have plenty of unsigned trade copies available for preorder.
Lettered: 26 signed, deluxe bound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $500

Limited: 474 signed numbered copies, bound in leather, with the bonus story, artwork not in the trade hardcover, and housed in a custom slipcase: $125

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover copies (first 500 copies signed by Robert McCammon): $24.95

Subterranean Press also revealed that they’re working on a limited edition of The Queen of Bedlam, the second Matthew Corbett book. The announcement stated that it “will be the most limited McCammon edition we’ve ever published.”

May 292012

Great news, audiobook fans! Audible has released unabridged audiobook versions of all four Matthew Corbett books. The audiobooks are narrated by Edoardo Ballerini and are available for purchase now. Three-minute audio samples from each book can be found on the Audible page for each book; just click on the images below to reach, or click here for all of the Matthew Corbett books on one page, or click here to search for all Robert McCammon audiobooks.



Aug 082010
  • If you didn’t listen to the latest installment of Psycho 60s, then you missed the announcement that Robert McCammon has completed The Hunter from the Woods, the collection of stories and novellas featuring Michael Gallatin, the main character from The Wolf’s Hour. Mr. McCammon reads a few paragraphs from the opening of that book at the end of podcast #4. 
  • Just when I think I know about all of the international editions of Robert McCammon’s novels, I find new ones. I just discovered that MINE, Stinger, and Mystery Walk were published in Bulgaria in the 1990s. Thanks to a Bulgarian reader who posted scans of the covers on a Bulgarian message board, I’ve added these books to the Book Cover Gallery. The Mystery Walk cover is most interesting, as they took the cover of the Pocket Books edition of They Thirst and replaced the vampire…. 


  • A friend of mine in Russia recently sent me the new Russian editions of Speaks the Nightbird and The Queen of Bedlam with their matching-theme covers. The covers have appeared in the gallery before, but larger scans showing more detail are now available. 


  • Here are some recent blog reviews of Robert McCammon’s work: 
    • Terri Rodabaugh posted a great blog about Boy’s Life 
    • Brian’s Book Reviews posted a review of Swan Song 

      Swan Song is McCammon at his best and I rank it among the finest novels Ive ever read by any author.”


    • Rick Kleffel posted a fun blog about reading The Wolf’s Hour when it was first published 
    • Men Reading Books posted a fantastic review of Mister Slaughter 

      “I find McCammon’s work to be literary works of art. His writing style is the embodiment of an ‘achievement’ in modern literature and it is beyond my understanding why his work doesn’t get more widespread praise and readership.”


    • Horror Fiction Reviews also posted a great review of Mister Slaughter 

      “The author’s superb skill and craftsmanship is evident on every page, in snippets of description, in dialogue, in clever turns of phrase. McCammon does with language what every writer should aspire to do he enjoys it, he savors it, he has FUN with it—and he tells a damn good story at the same time.”